The Many Faces of Fear

Fear has many faces.  It can be rational or totally irrational.  It can be fear of the known like cats, bees, people, etc or it can be fear of the unknown like death.  Sometimes fear is just a temporary feeling and at other times, it can be debilitating and can stop you from truly living your life as you ought to.

For more on the science behind the reaction of fear, please visit:

I have long been a silent sufferer of fear (of failure) and it’s only of late that I am learning to let go and taking ‘baby steps’ into freedom.  The problem is, sometimes fear comes in such subtle ways that we fail to recognize it as such.  For example, I have always attributed my reluctance to try out new things to my character, that of being a thoughtful and thorough person. In fact, my sister likes to call me ‘Ms. Perfect’ though of course she says it when she is annoyed with me and not in the best of tones.

The following sites make a good read on how to start handling your fear(s):

A bad experience (the subject of another day) recently served as a wake up call and helped me realize that I had a problem which I needed to deal with.  Whereas I am still in the early days, just realizing that I have a problem seems to me like a step in the right direction and I am going at it with everything I’ve got.

Have you ever suffered from any form of fear?  If so, I would really like to hear about it and how you managed to overcome.  Please feel free to leave your comment below.